What kind of racetrack is Wall Stadium Speedway?

Our track is a 1/3 mile, 30 degree high-banked asphalt oval track, pictured on our home page. 

What time do the races start?
Every Saturday the grandstands open at 5:00 pm (unless otherwise noted on the schedule. We sometimes start earlier for special events.)

Qualifying starts around 5:45 and the features start at 7:00. Check the schedule for each event to be sure.

What address should I put in my GPS?
Our street address is 1803 Highway 34 South, Wall, NJ 07719. If "Highway 34" does not come up, try "State Highway 34" or "State Route 34." Another option is to type in Hurleys Pond Road, which will bring you to our back entrance, or Monmouth Executive Airport (aka Allaire Airport) which is right across the street from our back entrance.

Do you sell food?
Yes! We have concession stands open to meet all your cravings, from hot dogs, burgers and cheesesteaks to funnel cakes and ice cream!

Can I bring a cooler? 
Yes, coolers are allowed for all events except Formula Drift. You may bring food/drinks/alcohol in to the stadium. No glass allowed! Underage drinking will not be tolerated and will result in removal from the stadium.

(12-can cooler size allowed in the gate, no bigger!!)

Can I pay with a credit card?

The box office accepts credit cards for grandstand tickets. The merchandise stand accepts credit cards. The food stands are cash only.

If you are buying a pit pass, the pit shack does not accept credit cards. Please go to the Main Office to buy your pit pass with a credit card.


Do you sell souvenirs?
Yes! Check out the gazebo next to the front entrance for souvenirs like tee shirts, sweatshirts, hats, checkered flags, and more! Also check the schedule for free giveaway nights!

Do you sell alcohol?

No, we do not possess a liquor license. However, you may bring alcoholic beverages into the speedway, as long as they are consumed responsibly!

NO GLASS ALLOWED. We reserve the right to remove any intoxicated person acting disorderly in order to protect our fans, especially children.


Do I have to pay to watch practice?
No, practice sessions and warm-ups are open to the public and are free to watch before 5:00 pm. Check the schedule to see when practice starts.

Do you have handicap access?
Yes, our facility is fully handicap accessible. Handicap parking is next to the ticket booth/main entrance. If you can not find Handicap parking, please ask for the assistance of a security guard at the main entrance. Handicap guests may also be dropped off at the main entrance for convenience.

We have designated Handicap seating at the top row. If a non-handicap patron is sitting there, you may ask them to move or ask for the assistance of a security guard.

For any guests needing special assistance, please call us before the event you wish to attend and we will be glad to make special arrangements.

Can I have my kid's birthday party there?
Absolutely! Kids love to feel the rumble of the engines and see the cars fly by! The demolition derby is something the kids go crazy for too!

We have a personal party area in turn 1, trackside, with plenty of seating. Our concession stands can cater to any food preference, and we will organize interactive party games with the kids. We will present your child with a customized trophy and let them throw the green flag for a race!!!

VERY reasonable prices, and a party your child won't soon forget! Contact Diane for more information and availability at 732-681-6400.

​How do I get a discount?
We run many promotions throughout the season. Look for coupons in local coupon books and mailers. Discounts will be posted on our home page and schedule page so check back frequently!

Can I bring my dog?
Yes, dogs are allowed at the speedway! But they must be restrained on a leash. There are crowds of people around and lots of noise, so it is your decision whether you want to assume the risk. We do not assume any responsibility for any incident or personal injury that may occur.

​How much is parking?
Parking is FREE.

Can I bring a scanner?
We ask that you leave your scanner home, and preserve the driver's and crew's privacy. Adult language is used and we want to protect sensitive people (and children!) from the type of language that may be heard.

Can I bring my high performance car to the track and take some laps?
Sorry, but at the current time we do not allow street cars to take laps on the track due to safety concerns and regulations. Not to mention, any low riders will lose their bumper on the embankment!

How do I get a driver's autograph?
Come to a Fan Fest event! We have 2 scheduled this season. There is also an autograph session with the NASCAR Whelen Modified Tour Drivers scheduled for May 18th. Additionally, the drivers frequently walk through the grandstands and would love to autograph a photo, t-shirt, checkered flag, etc. for you! 

Can I hold a fundraiser or company event at your facility?
Of course! We love to help support charities, schools, and organizations, and we will work with companies for parties and team-building type events. We are always willing to support and promote charites! Call Diane for details at 732-681-6400.​